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Healing Across Lifetimes - The Power of Past Life Regression

Are nudging questions pushing you to seek an understanding of your life path? You may have noticed mysterious patterns repeating themselves in your relationships, finances, or work, leaving you stuck in a cycle of the familiar. You may be struggling with unexplained pain or health issues that defy medical explanation, casting a shadow over your daily life.  Or perhaps seeking an understanding of your past to help you create a more fulfilling and purposeful future?
Past Life Regression can be the key to these mysteries, offering an extraordinary journey on a soul level to uncover the hidden truths that shape your present reality. 
Do you ever wonder if there's a greater purpose to your existence, a deeper path waiting to be uncovered?
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Past Life Regression can be the key to these questions, offering an extraordinary journey to uncover your soul's mission and true purpose. It can open you up to a different perspective, a new way of being, thinking and behaving, which can be truly transformative. Through the revelations, insights, and lessons unveiled by your higher self during the regression, you can reshape unhelpful patterns, alter your mindset, and transform your behaviours in your current life. It can be a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between questions and answers, allowing you to navigate your life with newfound clarity and purpose.

It's a journey in time and space to the events and experiences in your past life/lives that can be the root cause of the issues you are experiencing now. But it is not a magic wand. Instead, it serves as a key to unlocking understanding and healing, a powerful gift that offers you insights and lessons to help you navigate the challenges of your current life.
Imagine receiving valuable insights and guidance directly from your higher self and your guides that can help you change, make different decisions and help you find peace and harmony. 
What is Past Life Regression?
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Past Life Regression is about you: your relationships, your well-being, your purpose, your present and your future. 
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What Happens during the session?



The Past Life Regression Zoom session is exclusively online via Zoom. The session is 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours long, and we start by allowing you to settle in your space and connect with your breath so that you can fully engage in the process. (To read more about Zoom sessions, please click here)

​Then, you will be guided into a relaxed state of heightened awareness. You'll be encouraged to let go of conscious thoughts and allow your subconscious mind to reveal past life memories. I will gently guide you through the experience, helping you explore and make sense of the memories that surface. The therapeutic sessions provide a safe space to confront and release past traumas, fostering a deeper sense of inner peace and fulfilment.

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  • Healing Emotional Wounds: it can help you identify and heal emotional wounds and traumas that may have originated in past lives. By confronting and releasing these unresolved emotions, you can experience profound emotional healing and relief.

  • Resolving Unexplained Phobias, Fears and Physical Challenges: Many people have unexplained phobias, fears or pains that seem to have no logical or medical explanation in their current life. Past Life Regression can shed light on the origins of these issues, enabling you to confront and overcome them.

  • Understanding Relationships: Past life experiences often influence our current relationships. This therapy can reveal the karmic connections and unresolved issues that impact your relationships, helping you create healthier, more harmonious connections.

Transformative Benefits of Past Life Regression:

  • Self-Discovery: Past Life Regression is a journey of self-discovery that can provide clarity about your life's purpose, strengths, and challenges. It can help you understand why you are drawn to certain interests, talents, or occupations.​ Gaining clarity about your life's purpose and direction can help you make informed choices aligned with your soul's journey.

  • Spiritual Awakening: Connect with your higher self and tap into your spiritual essence for a more fulfilling life journey.

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Is Past Life Regression Right for You?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a safe and non-invasive practice that can benefit individuals seeking emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. It's a deeply personal journey, and the experiences can vary widely. If you're curious about your past lives or looking to address emotional or psychological challenges, Past Life Regression Therapy may offer valuable insights and relief.

It can provide profound healing and growth on an emotional and spiritual level. By exploring your past lives, you can uncover recurring patterns, relationships and unresolved issues that may influence your present life. This self-awareness allows for deep healing and the opportunity to break free from negative habits, transforming your current and future experiences.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities?
Contact me to deeply explore your past lives, unlocking healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth through the transformative power of past-life regression therapy. You can book your free consultation here or dive in more and explore the extensive list of FAQs below. I hope you find it interesting and informative and your questions will be answered. 
Harness the Healing Magic of Past Life Regression

  • What does the hypnosis feel like?
    Have you ever lost yourself in a book or a movie so much that you completely forgot about the outside world? You were fully present but wholly immersed in your inner experience. That's how some describe this beautiful state of deep relaxation.
  • What can be achieved by accessing Past Life memories?
    By accessing your past lives, you can see patterns beyond the present. This knowledge can help you make responsible choices in your actions and behaviour in your current life. Healing the past can heal the present and future. Uncovering patterns of behaviour in your past can break the cycle of physical and psychological pain/distress. By understanding its source, you can let it go, enabling you to move beyond what is blocking you in your present life. It Can help release chronic pain or illness. Help deal with anxiety, sadness, and panic attacks. Give a sense of your life's purpose, a greater perspective of who you are and who you could be, and your relationships and connection with people in your life. Bring understanding about repeated patterns in this life. Bring understanding and joy into present life, seemingly dark and depressing. Help explain the unexplainable! Find your true self.
  • What if nothing happens or I can't recall a past life?
    You will enjoy the benefit of deep relaxation even if you subconsciously are not ready to recall your past life memories. This also could be because your soul is new, or the time is not suitable for you to access this understanding. Whatever happens during the session is always for the highest good, and your soul knows what you need to see/experience in that time. Trust in your soul and allow yourself to be guided. There are no demands, no expectations. Only an open heart and mind can receive what needs to be received.
  • How many past lives will I have?
    A soul may have experienced any number of lives, and the time between these lives may vary considerably.
  • Is it guaranteed to help me?
    As in any therapy, there are no guarantees. However, I always stress that Past Life Regression is not a magic wand. Please remember your soul will give you what you need, not what you want. Your soul knows exactly what you need to learn at that particular time and will guide you towards what you can understand. Open mind, open heart. Respect and honesty. The lessons, insights and knowledge that you gain are yours, and you have a choice to absorb them and learn from them or not. You always have a choice.
  • I am just curious. Can I still book a session with you, and will it work?
    Absolutely. Even if you are not seeking answers to a specific issue in your current life but are curious and open to experiencing past life, you can definitively benefit from revisiting past life. This can be a wonderful experience for yourself or a loved one to expand awareness and consciousness. You can purchase this experience as a gift, through Gift Card tab.
  • Where are you based?
    My practice is based in Pinner, Greater London. However, all therapy sessions are conducted via Zoom. The main benefit of Zoom work is saving time, money and travel stress for my clients. It also allows me to keep the session fee down, as in-person sessions require additional time between each client.
  • How can it work on Zoom?
    The session works precisely the same way, and it is actually more effective, as it allows clients to relax quickly in their own environment. As it is an eyes-closed process in a state of deep relaxation, all you need is to hear me and for me to see you. There is no need to be physically in the same space as I work with my voice, and my voice will guide you through the process. The bonus is that you can access the sessions from the comfort of your own space. I want to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the session. I'm experienced in delivering online therapy and as a therapist, my priority is your safety and well-being, and we put a few elements in place before your session to ensure you can enjoy the process without any worry.
  • Is Zoom safe? What if we lose connection or someone interrupts?
    Working remotely means we will set up a few safety precautions. This is explained fully in the remote working guide. However, if there is a situation of lost connection, I will call you and talk you back to the present time. We may agree to reschedule depending on how far in the session we will be. In terms of any outside interruptions or noises, in today's world, it is hard to find a place where no interruption is ever possible. I will guide you through the disruption, and many actually found that it helps them to relax more, knowing that all is good in their world and they can respond if they wish to but choose not to.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I hold an Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and I am a certified Past Life Regression Therapist. I'm a registered member of the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy, a Professional Association in the UK) and CNHC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council in the UK). I obey their code of conduct. You can access information about my further qualifications here.
  • How much is the session?
    A Past Life Regression session is £149 and it is 120minutes long, depending on the amount of information that comes forward. If you are ready to embark on this fascinating journey, please book a free 30-minute consultation with me to discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve from accessing your past memories. We will then agree on a date and time for your Past Life Regression session. You can book your free consultation here.
  • How can I book the session with you?
    The first step is to book a free consultation. This can be a phone or Zoom consultation. During the consultation, we will discuss the reason for seeking Past life regression and what you hope to achieve from it, and then we will book your session. You can book your consultation here.
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