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Healing Across Lifetimes - The Power of Past Life Regression

Are you ready to experience the Transformative Benefits of Past Life Regression?

  • Heal Emotional Wounds

Identify and heal emotional wounds and traumas that may have originated in past lives. 

  • Resolve Unexplained Phobias, Fears and Physical Challenges.

Past Life Regression can shed light on the origins of these issues, enabling you to face and overcome them.

  • Understand Relationships.

By reliving past life experiences, the karmic connections and unresolved issues can be revealed, helping you create healthier, more harmonious connections.​

  • Uncover Your Soul's Purpose:

Past Life Regression is a journey of self-discovery that can provide clarity about your life's purpose, strengths, and challenges. It can help you understand why you are drawn to certain interests, talents, or occupations.​ Gaining clarity about your life's purpose and direction can help you make informed choices aligned with your soul's journey.


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  • Ignite Your Spiritual Growth.

Explore the depths of your soul that can unlock a profound journey of spiritual growth. Gain new perspectives, insights, and a deeper understanding of your spiritual path.

  • Enhance Your Connection with Your Higher Self.

  Experience guided insights, wisdom, and a profound sense of purpose, fostering a deeper spiritual alignment with your true self.

  • Integrate Lessons From Past Lifetimes.

Integrate lessons learned from past experiences into your present life. This integration can help personal growth and spiritual evolution, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with newfound wisdom.

Past Life Regression is about you: your relationships, your well-being, your purpose, your present and your future. 
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If you've found this page, chances are you, too, are looking for a way to gain understanding, insights, knowledge or healing in your current life.
Past Life Regression can be the key to life's mysteries, offering an extraordinary journey on a soul level to uncover the hidden truths that shape your present reality. 
But this journey goes much deeper than gaining answers or resolving an emotional or physical issue. It is a journey of your soul. Lifetimes that contribute to who you are today. Understanding your soul's history and purpose can have a transformative effect on many aspects of your life.
Deep inside you, you hold all the information you need that can be accessed with Past Life Regression. Through the revelations, insights, and lessons revealed during the regression session, you can reshape unhelpful patterns, alter your mindset, and transform your behaviours in your current life. It can be a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between questions and answers, allowing you to navigate your life with newfound clarity and purpose.

It's a journey of your inner mind/higher self/soul through time and space to the events and experiences in your past life/lives that can be the root cause of the issues you are experiencing now. It is a key to unlocking understanding and healing, a powerful gift that offers you insights and lessons and with that comes freedom of choice.
Imagine receiving valuable insights and guidance directly from your higher self, your soul that can help you change, make different decisions, and help you find peace and harmony. Past Life Regression can open you up to a different perspective, a new way of being, thinking and behaving, which can be truly transformative.
So, what is Past Life Regression?
This is what clients shared about their experience:

"I honestly didn't know what to expect from the session, I was a bit apprehensive about the experience. My first meeting with Maggie was lovely I liked her energy and the way she presented herself which helped me go ahead in booking the session. To be honest I didn't know how the past life regression could work over zoom, but to my surprise I found myself going under with Maggie's guidance. The reason I had wanted to do past life regression was after reading Dr Brian Weiss books, it made me wonder what other lives I may have lived who in this life had I already encountered in my past. The reason I wanted to do this wasn't what I saw in my journey, however what was revealed to me in a past life is what I needed in order to get me to move forward with my life. I liked Maggie's soft voice guiding me through my journey to a past life, she helped me relax and trust the process. Throughout it was comforting to know Maggie was there and I could come out of my past life if I felt uncomfortable. I also liked that when I stepped into one of my past lives I recognised that it was me, even though it didn't look like the me now, the energy was still me. I would definitely go back and see what other past lives are waiting for me and what lessons I can take and learn from them to apply to my current life." - Past Life Regression Client, UK

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"I was recommended by a friend to see Maggie.I felt extremely lost and low in my life, and I didn’t know what direction I was going. After the initial consultation with Maggie, she said that there could be a blockage rooted in my past life. So, I booked a session. Well, what can I say.. After the session, I felt like a new person. Maggie said that over a few months, I would notice a change and a difference in how I move towards my goals. It’s so true. I can now see a difference in how I’m going in life as things that were never there before are happening. I would recommend Maggie to anyone who is at a point in life where they feel lost. Maggie is amazing at her job, has an extremely positive attitude to people, and acts in a very professional manner. I can’t stress enough. Thank you so much for helping me clear blocks in my path." - A.H., UK

Forest Road

" My experience with Maggie was a positive one, from start to finish I felt very comfortable and well informed of what was going to happen. I had never had a past life regression session before so didn't know what to expect. I was blown away by my experience in a good way. I would highly recommend Maggie." - Beverley Meehan, UK


What Happens during the session?

​Then, you will be guided into a relaxed state of heightened awareness. You'll be encouraged to let go of conscious thoughts and allow your subconscious mind to reveal past life memories. I will gently guide you through the experience, helping you explore and make sense of the memories that surface. The sessions provide a safe space to confront and release past life experiences, fostering a deeper sense of inner peace and harmony.

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Is Past Life Regression Right for You?

Past Life Regression Therapy is a safe and non-invasive practice that can benefit individuals seeking emotional healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. It's a deeply personal journey, and the experiences can vary widely. If you're curious about your past lives or looking to address emotional or psychological challenges, Past Life Regression Therapy may offer valuable insights and relief.

It can provide profound healing and growth on an emotional and spiritual level. By exploring your past lives, you can uncover recurring patterns, relationships and unresolved issues that may influence your present life. This self-awareness allows for deep healing and the opportunity to break free from negative habits, transforming your current and future experiences.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities?
Contact me to deeply explore your past lives, unlocking healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth through the transformative power of past-life regression therapy. You can book your free consultation here or dive in more and explore the extensive list of FAQs. I hope you find it interesting and informative and that your questions will be answered. 
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